Infrared Device

  • $799.00


The TFTF Infrared Device is our most powerful tool for achieving the best results and creating healthy, beautiful skin.

InfraRed Light Therapy combined with Thermal Therapy helps to increase collagen production, create a more even complexion, enhance firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and reverse hyper-pigmentation of sun-damaged skin.

The device heats-up to 107°F (43°C).

The combination of red and infrared light is known to deliver thermal energy to the skin and revitalize skin tissues while also stimulating collagen production, elastic fibers, and oxygen in all three layers of the skin.

The flat-head design allows you to press the device firmly onto the face and body that need targeted results, making it versatile to target complexion challenges and help alleviate body aches and minor muscle and joint pain.

For optimal results, use your favorite skincare products to increase absorption, and achieve the ultimate in anti-aging, correcting, and therapeutic results.

Safe for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.